Why Doesn’t My Door Close Properly Anymore?

Swelling Doors

Yesterday, did your door shut just fine, but today you have a hard time closing it? Your are not alone. The issue of swelling doors is all too common here in the South. Our hot and humid climate cause doors to swell especially wooden doors. Experts agree, the most common cause of a door that sticks in the frame, or ones that scrapes on the floor, is moisture. When a wood door is not sealed or varnished around the edges, particularly the bottom edge, moisture is absorbed into the wood and causes the timber to swell.

What You Can Do

Blowing warm air with a hairdryer or heat gun to dry out some of that moisture is a quick fix for a swollen door. Make sure to hold the hairdryer or heat gun at a distance of about 15 inches away from the surface to prevent burning the wood. You could also place a circulating fan close to the door to help get rid of the moisture. When you buy a new wood door, or have a wood door installed, apply an exterior sealer before fitting the door to its frame. Although wood doors are generally treated with a protective coat after manufactured, this is probably not enough to protect it from the elements once installed. If you paint your wooden door, remember to always use a wood primer before painting and only use a paint recommended for use on exterior wood.  Periodically, check the finish of your door for cracks where moisture can gain access.

Follow the same procedures for shutters. They are exposed to the elements as may not fit any more after taking on some moisture after a heavy rain storm.

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